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Creating a Cavity Polygon

The Space Polygon is an object that creates spaces on the walls in ideCAD Architecture, which is created by combining many user-defined node points with lines. A gap polygon must be defined for all doors and windows.

To create the space polygon;

  • Click on the Line Drawing / Space Polygon .

  • After clicking your first point , a dialog with the Finish button will appear and the Space Polygon will begin to form.

  • After you click on your second point, a triangle will form, whose third point moves relative to the mouse.

  • A polygon will be created with increasing number of sides as you add other points.

  • After drawing a suitable gap polygon, you can create the Polygon Space by clicking the Finish button in the dialog on the screen (Gap Polygon is generally defined from the outer borders of the window or door.).

  • If you notice that a point is wrong, you can click the Undo button to undo the points starting from the end in order of their occurrence.

To make changes to the existing gap polygon;

  • Click on the Space Polygon. The Spacing Polygon will turn green and the nodes will become active as red boxes.

  • The cursor shape will change when you hover over the node points. In this case, you can click the nodes and move them.

  • You can delete the space polygon by pressing the Del / Delete key on the keyboard .

Additional information:

  • Since the gap polygon travels through the full boundaries of the doors and windows, before starting to draw the Gap Polygon, selecting the Jump to Object Points command and activating the jump points of all objects with outside edges will make it easier to draw the gap polygon.

  • You can use this file to open a space on the wall in ideCAD Architecture Program by drawing only the Space Polygon and saving it to the file.

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