Bolted flange plate connection is designed automatically according to the AISC 358-16 by the programme.

  • Bolted flange plate connections are formed by welded with CJP groove welds the column flange and bolted to the beam flange. The beam web is connected to the column flange using a bolted shear tab with bolts in short-slotted holes. The connection model in accordance with AISC 358-16 Figure 7.1 is made automatically.


  • Ductile failure limit state (Yielding Limit State):

  • Non-ductile failure limit state (Rupture Limit State): 

  • Plastic joint length Sh is defined in the relevant application rules section for each joint type.

  • Plastic joint moment values:

  • The Vu used in the dimensioning of the joint is determined according to the equation in the above image by summing the shear force determined on the basis of the yield state and the shear force calculated from the combination of 1.2G + 0.5Q + 0.2S on the plastic joint at the end of the beam.

  • Plastic joint length is specified separately for each joint in AISC 358-16 and automatic calculation is made in accordance with these rules. Details will be given in each respective combination.


1. Beam Limitations
(1) Beam depth is limited to a maximum of W36 (W920) for rolled shapes. Depth of built-up sections are not exceed the depth permitted for rolled wide-flange shapes.
(2) Beam flange thickness is limited to a maximum of 1 in. (25 mm).
(3) The clear span-to-depth ratio of the beam is limited as follows:
(a) For SMF systems, 9 or greater.
(b) For IMF systems, 7 or greater.

2. Column Limitations

(1) The beam is connected to the flange of the column.
(2) Rolled shape column depth is limited to W36 (W920) maximum when a concrete structural slab is provided. In the absence of a concrete structural slab, the rolled shape column depth is limited to W14 (W360) maximum.
Flanged cruciform columns don’t have a width or depth greater than the depth allowed for rolled shapes. Built-up box columns don’t have a width or depth exceeding 24 in. (600 mm). Boxed wide-flange columns don’t have a width or depth exceeding 24 in. (600 mm) if participating in orthogonal moment frames.