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Define Seismic Isolator

With the Define Seismic Isolator command, earthquake isolators are defined for vertical carrier elements such as columns and shearwalls.

Location of Define Seismic Isolator Command

You can access the define seismic isolator command from the column or shearwall toolbars .

Usage Steps

  • Click the define seismic isolator icon.

  • Click on the column or shearwall where the isolator is to be defined.

  • The seismic isolators dialog will appear.

  • Select one of the isolator type you want to use from the list and define other information as required.

  • Click the OK button.

Seismic Isolators Dialogue


Define isolator

Check this option to activate the isolator definition in the element. Select the isolator from the list. If the option is removed, the definition will not be applied to the element.

Isolator count

Give the number of isolator to be used in the element. For rod elements such as columns, 1 may be sufficient, but for long elements such as shearwalls, the number may be more than one. The number of isolator is automatically centered on the element according to the element length.  


The position of the isolator within the element is given. With the bottom option, the isolator element is placed at its lower end, with defined, at a certain position towards the middle of the isolator element. With defined, the elevation value is given.


It offsets the isolator from the lower end of the column to the top by the value entered.

Location of Seismic Isolators Setting

You can access it under the Ribbon menu Settings tab Settings title.

Seismic Isolators Settings


Isolator list

Seismic isolator types are listed with their calculation values. Ready-made types are defined as manufacturing by default in the program. New definitions can be made for different isolator types or existing types can be changed.


Defines a new seismic isolator type.


Deletes the currently selected seismic isolator.


Reloads the seismic isolator types available in the program.

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