Polygons are 2-dimensional objects created by combining lines with multiple nodes defined by the user. All polygons in Dio are closed polygons (with a line between the start and end points).

To create a polygon;

  • Click the Line Drawing / Polygon .

  • You will see a dialog with Undo and Finish buttons.

  • After you click your first point, a line will start moving relative to the mouse.

  • After you click on your second point, a triangle will form, whose third point moves relative to the mouse.

  • A polygon will be created with increasing number of sides as you add other points.

  • Proper dialogue on the screen after drawing a polygon Finish by clicking on the polygon can create.

  • If you notice that a point is wrong, you can click the Undo button to undo the points starting from the end in order of their occurrence.


  • Although polygons are created, they do not have any use.

  • You can convert a polygon to a crate / wing using Polygon-> Case / Wing Transform .

  • You can open a space in a case using Polygon-> Space Transformation .

  • You can make the polygon 3-dimensional using the stretch command.

To modify an existing polygon:

  • Click on the polygon. The polygon will turn green and the nodes will become active as red boxes.

  • The cursor shape will change when you hover over the node points. In this case, you can click the nodes and move them.

  • You can delete the polygon by pressing the Del / Delete key on the keyboard .

Additional information:

  • If the polygon is drawn with a door or window handle and this polygon is extended, this elongated object must be connected to the wing with the "Establish Case / Wing Object Connection" command. Otherwise, when the wing opens, the arm will stay where it is.

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