Customers portal requires membership. Membership is created by the invitation mail sent by us to our users. When the invitation e-mail is sent, your membership process is done automatically.

If the incoming invitation mail has expired, if you click on Create password in the invitation mail , a warning screen will appear.

Create your password by following the steps below.

Usage Steps

  • Click this link to reach customers portal: Customers Portal

  • Click Customers Portal line to access the customers portal from the website.

  • The ideCAD customers portal page will open.

  • Enter your e-mail address and click the Next button.

  • Click the line Forgot your password?.

  • A reset link will be sent to your email address for your password.

  • Click the Reset my password button in the incoming e-mail.

  • Enter your password and click the Confirm button.

  • Your password will be created and the customers portal will open.

  • You can ask your questions and review the questions asked by other users.