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TBDY 7.11.5 in connection of elements with shearwall. conditions were not met.

According to Article 7.11.5 of TBDY , in buildings with no-beam floor or in buildings with beams that must be shown to be reliably transferred from the floor to the column and beam, the earthquake force to be transferred from the floor to the curtain in a strong direction is DV d calculated by taking into account the Strength Excess Coefficient D of the earthquake effects can be calculated as the difference of the shear forces. The sum of the axial tensile strengths of this force difference, formed by the beams or slab reinforcements that are stuck to the wall from both sides in a strong direction and remaining from the required bending strength, is 2A h f yd.The shear friction strength generated by the remaining flooring reinforcement that is required for the flexural strength at the floor and wall joint should not exceed the sum of μA sb f yd .

Solution :

Increase the reinforcement of the slabs and / or beams connected with the curtain whose name and floor is given.

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