The adequacy of walls with high ductility level is checked by comparing the design shear forces, V e , found in accordance with the conditions given in TBDY , with the shear strength of the wall section, V r , described in TBDY . The section (Control column) related to TBDY of the report shown below will be explained.

A ch gross cross-sectional area of ​​the solid wall or each curtain segment in the tie-beam curtain

f ctd , the design tensile strength of concrete

f ck , characteristic compressive strength of concrete

ρ sh , volume ratio of wall horizontal web reinforcement

f ywd , design yield strength of wall transverse reinforcement

The shear strength of the wall sections, V r , is calculated by TBDY Equation 7.17 .

The Design Shear Force, V e of the walls found by TBDY must meet the conditions given in TBDY Equation 7.18 .

The V e value shown in the report and under the "Control" column is the design shear force value calculated using TBDY . V r value is the shear strength of the wall section given in TBDY Equation 7.17 . V eMax value is the limit values ​​given in TBDY Equation 7.18 . If the curtain with gaps (tie-beam curtain) is V eMax = 0.65A ch (f ck ) 1/2 , if the curtain without gap is V eMax = 0.85A ch (f ck ) 1/2 .

If there is a (*) sign next to the curtain names under the curtain column in the report [ for example P103 (*) ], it means the curtain with space (tie beam). If there is no sign next to the curtain names, it means the curtain without spaces.

If the design shear force, V e value, shear strength of the shear sections are smaller than V r value and V eMax value, shear safety of the shear is provided.

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