Location of Fascia Board Command

In the Architectural Program

You can access it under the ribbon menu Home tab Roof title in the architectural program .

In Structural Program

You can access it under the ribbon menu Objects tab Terrain title in the structural program .

Fascia Board Settings Dialog



The width of the fascia board section is entered.


The height of the fascia board section is entered.


The distance of the fascia board from the roof eaves is entered.


The fascia board level is entered.

Apply to all edges

If the Apply to all edges option is checked, battens will be created on all roof surfaces according to the entered parameters.

Usage Steps

To draw an fascia board:

  • Click the Fascia Board icon in the ribbon menu .

  • Click with the left mouse button on the roof eaves on which you want to create an fascia board.

  • The fascia board dialog will be displayed. Make the necessary settings here and press the OK button.

  • There will be fascia board on the relevant roof surface.

  • Create the fascia board for all roof surfaces with the above process order.

Usage step

Selecting the roof eaves when on the fascia board command

Creation of fascia board previews

Adjusting the settings in the fascia board settings dialog - entering the fascia board width 5

Preview changes according to the width entered

The formation of fascia board