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Deep Foundation.

  • Single footing, strip footing and mat foundations are designed automatically according to Codes.

International Design Codes

ACI 318-19 : Deep Foundation per ACI 318-19 with ideCAD

TSC 2018 :

Notation in ACI 318-19

Ag = gross area of concrete section, in2
As = area of nonprestressed longitudinal tension reinforcement, in2
dpile = diameter of pile at footing base, in.
D = dead load
E = earthquake load
Eh = effect of horizontal seismic forces
Em = seismic load effect including overstrength
Emh = effect of horizontal seismic forces, including overstrength
Ev = vertical seismic effect applied in the vertical downward directio
fc' = specified compressive strength of concrete, psi
fy = specified yield strength for nonprestressed reinforcement, psi
F = load due to fluids with well-defined pressures and maximum heights;
L = load due to lateral earth pressure, ground water pressure, or pressure of bulk materials;
Lr = roof live load
Pa = maximum allowable compressive strength of a deep foundation member, lb
R = rain load
S = snow load
Vn = nominal shear strength, lb
Vu = factored shear force at section, lb
W = wind load
ϕ = strength reduction factor

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