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Performance Levels


BYS = Building altitude class
DTS = Earthquake design class
DD-1 = Earthquake ground motion level
DD-2 with a probability of exceeding 2% (recurrence period 2475 years) in 50 years = earthquake ground with a probability of exceeding 10% in 50 years (recurrence period 475 years) motion level
DD-3 = earthquake ground motion level with 50% probability of exceedance in 50 years (recurrence period 72 years)
DD-4 = earthquake ground motion level with 68% probability of exceedance in 50 years (recurrence period 43 years)
I = Building importance coefficient

TBDY Section 5.1.3. Performance Targets - Evaluation and Design According to Strain - covered ŞGDT Chapter 13 't described in the High buildings design and Chapter 15 ' t-described Evaluation of Existing Buildings and essential performance targets to be taken Strengthening of Table 3.4 'te, Chapter 14' t described Earthquake Performance targets to be taken as basis in the design of Insulated Buildings are defined in Table 3.5 . - Table 3.4 (a) "or by Earthquake Design Class DTS = 1, 2, and DTS = Building height Class IMS = 2 IMS = 3 in the building;

(a) Under the influence of DD-2 earthquake ground motion , the design made by taking I = 1.5 and using the DGT calculation principles in Section 4 will be considered as a preliminary design .

(b) the building structural system made the preliminary design under the influence of the movement this time DD-1 earthquake ground Table 3.4 (a) at Advanced Performance Goal as defined Controlled Damage (HR) performance goals and also DD-3 earthquake under the action Limited Damage ( SH) will be evaluated with the Assessment and Design Based on Shape Change (ŞGDT) approach according to this Section in order to meet the performance target and the design will be improved if necessary.

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