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The display that opens when ideCAD is run is called the interface of the program. The interface includes sections such as menus, command icons and toolbars for the use of the program. It is aimed that the user can use ideCAD efficiently with sections such as message information line, structure tree, and vertical toolbar.

When the ideCAD is run, it looks like the following in the ribbon menu layout.





ideCAD Menu

It opens the file menu with the project opening, closing, converting the project file, drawing help and exit.


Ribbon Menu

Its interface is a menu layout made up of icons and text.


Ribbon Menu Titles

It is the section where the menus take place.


Sections and Icons

There are icons that define the sections and commands under the relevant menu.


Structure Tree

It is the section where all static elements of the structure are listed with the tree structure logic.


Vertical Toolbar

It is the section where frequently used icons are located.


Vertical Toolbar

It is the section where frequently used icons are located.


Quick access toolbar

It is a toolbar to which desired icons can be added.


Architectural Plan / Formwork Plan Icon

It allows to switch between architectural mode and static mode.


Command Search

The commands in the program can be accessed by entering here.


Layers and Settings

Opens the list of layers used and the layer settings dialog.


General Settings

Opens the general settings dialog.


Information Line

When the mouse pointer is over the object, information about the object (object properties and names) appears here.


Message Line

Information about the transaction performed appears on this line.


Command Line

In the program, the operations performed through the commands, information about the transactions take place simultaneously with the transaction.


Unit Box

Unit types to be used in the program are selected; m, t, tf etc.


Zoom Ratio

The zoom ratio of your floor plan window is shown.


Title Bar

It is the line on which the name of the program and the project being worked on are written.

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