The Complete Message:

A31 structural system can only be used in buildings with Earthquake design class (DTS) 3 or 4.


A31 type structural system TBDY 2018 is defined in Table 4.1 as buildings where all earthquake effects are met with moment-transferring reinforced concrete frames with limited ductility level .

TBDY 2018 by the substance transfer torque entire seismic effects ductility limited structural system are met with reinforced concrete frame ( Table 4.1 from A31 , B31 , C31 conveyor systems) will be used only in buildings with DTS = 3 and DTS = 4.

Structural systems with limited ductility level cannot be used in buildings classified as DTS = 1a, DTS = 2a, DTS = 3a and DTS = 4a according to 4.3.4 a .

According to 4.3.4 b article, ductility level mixed load bearing systems cannot be used in   buildings with BYS <= 6 and classified as DTS = 1a and DTS = 2a .    

For this reason, A31 selection cannot be made in structures with earthquake design class DTS = 1, 1a, 2, 2a, 3a, 4a.

Possible solutions:

  1. Solution can be made by choosing high ductility level.

  • If BYS> = 3, buildings without shearwall can be selected as A11.

  • If BYS> = 2, the building can be selected as A14 or A15 , taking into account the conditions given in Article .

  1. If the building height class is DMS> = 6, the solution can be made by selecting the ductility level mixed.

  • Considering the conditions given in, one of the structural systems A21 or A22 can be selected.