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Column-Beam joint shear safety (B) condition not satisfied. How can it be fixed?

In the article  of TBDY 2018   , the condition is given that the shear force at the column-beam junctions will be calculated with Eq.(7.11) in the direction of the considered earthquake  .

Possible Solutions

  • The value of bj or h can be enlarged. This operation encloses the unconfined column-beam junction, causing the limit value to grow.

bj: In the direction of the earthquake taken into consideration, if the beam stuck in the junction area is the same width as the column or if it overflows from both sides of the column, the width of the column is twice the smaller of the distances from the vertical mid axis of the beam to the column edges.

h: Cross-sectional dimension of the column in the seismic direction considered

  • Measures can be taken to reduce As1 and As2.

  • fck can be enlarged using higher strength concrete.

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