With the Use section depth feature, a depth is determined parallel to the section/elevation line and a section/elevation is created only for the specified area.

Location of Use Section Depth Feature

You can access the use section depth feature from the General Settings tab of the Section/Elevation Settings dialog.

Usage Steps

  • Enter the section/elevation settings dialog.

  • Check the option to use section depth.

  • Enter a value for depth.

  • Check the Draw section depth option if you want to see the depth line in the plan drawing .

  • Click the OK button to close the dialog.

  • Draw your section/elevation line and create section/elevation.

  • Based on the value you set, your sections/elevation will be created.

  • You can adjust this setting by entering the settings of the existing section/elevation line and recreate your sections/elevations.

Usage step

Elevation before selecting use section depth feature

Checking the “Use section depth” option and entering 500 cm

Elevation after selecting use section depth feature