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Structure Risk Analysis

After using the Structure Risk Analysis command, the available element information is displayed in the RYTEIE 2019 Report Options list. 

The list of reports added to Risky Building Analysis reports is given below.

  • General Structure Settlement Diagrams

  • Strucure general informations

  • Slab load analysis

  • slab loads

  • Beam load analysis

  • beam loads

  • A1- Torsional irregularity

  • B1 - Irregularity

  • B2- Irregularity

  • B3- Discontinuity of the vertical elements of the structural system

  • Story general information

  • Existing Structure Modal analysis report

  • Existing Structure Mode Count sufficiency report

  • Existing beam informations

  • Existing column informations

  • Existing shearwall informations

  • Column jacketing reinforcements

  • Column-beam jont regions shear safety

  • strong column controls

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