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Creating a Zone Edge

The edges of the zones are surrounded by walls. However, in some cases (balconies, stair landings, etc.), some edges of the zones are not covered with these elements, they are empty. However, in order to define a zone, the boundaries of the zone must be defined in some way. Zone Edge command has been developed for this job in ideCAD. The zone border is determined with the zone edge command.

Location of Zone Edge Command

You can access it under the Ribbon menu Home tab, Zone title

Usage Steps

  • Click on the Zone Edge icon in the ribbon menu .

  • Click the drawing area with the left mouse button to create the first point for the site edge.

  • When you click the second point with the left mouse button, your zone edge will be created.

  • Finish drawing the zone edge by pressing the Esc key on the keyboard.

The edge of the zone can be defined as connecting the two columns between the columns, or it can be attached to the wall-to-wall or wall-to-column. The edge of the zone may be very open, broken. There is no limit to the number of vertices. The zone edges can be connected to the columns at every point of the column.

When a zone edge is deleted, the zones connected to this zone edge are also deleted.

Usage step

Creating the first point of the zone edge by clicking on the wall corner

Creating the second point of the zone edge by clicking on the opposite wall corner

The formation of the edge of the zone

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