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Welded Flange Plate Connection

Conditions for Welded Flange Plate moment-transmitting connections are checked as specified in DBYBHY 2007 Annex 4A. This type of connection is not included in TBDY 2018.

The Requirements to be Fulfilled

  • It must be capable of providing the relative storey drift angle of at least 0.02 radians for limited ductility level and at least 0.04 radians for high ductility level as specified in Annex 9B,

General Principles

  • The flange plate welded connection is described in Annex 4A of DBYBHY 2007 together with its geometry and additional requirements that must be fulfilled. However, this connection is not included in TBDY 2018.

  • Due to the situation mentioned above, the geometry of this connection is created automatically as described in DBYBHY 2007. However, design checks are made only according to ÇYTE 2018 GKT and YDKT methods. There are no checks performed based on earthquake regulation.

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