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Damage Limits and Damage Zones in Structural Elements

In the performance analysis of existing buildings, three damage cases and damage limits are defined at the section level for ductile elements. These are Limited Damage (IO), Controlled Damage (LF) and Pre-Collapse Damage (CP) states and their limit values. Performance evaluation of existing structures is made according to the damage areas of the sections. Damage zones of critical sections are defined as Limited Damage Zone, Significant Damage Zone , Advanced Damage Zone and Collapse Zone .


IO = Limited Damage
LF = Controlled Damage
CP = Pre-Collapse


15.3.1. Sectional Damage Cases

For ductile elements, three damage conditions and damage limits are defined at the section level. These are the Limited Damage (SH), Controlled Damage (KH) and Pre-Failure Damage (LO) states and their limit values. Limited damage defines limited inelastic behavior in the relevant section, inelastic behavior where controlled damage section strength can be safely provided, and pre-collapse damage state defines advanced inelastic behavior in the section. This classification does not apply to fragile damaged elements.

15.3.2. Section Damage Zones

Elements whose critical section damage does not reach SH are located in the Restricted Damage Zone , the elements between SH and KH are in the Significant Damage Zone , the elements between KH and PO are in the Advanced Damage Zone , and the elements exceeding the DE are in the Migration Zone . (Figure 15.1) .

15.3.3. Identification of Section and Element Damages

As a result of comparing the internal forces and / or deformations calculated by the methods defined in 15.5 or 15.6 with the numerical values ​​defined in 15.3.1 to correspond to the section damage limits, it will be decided in which damage regions the sections are. Element damage will be determined based on the most damaged section of the element.

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