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αi < 0.70

In TBDY article, there is an explanation about the condition that the condition of columns being stronger than beams cannot be met in some columns. - only carrier in the system consists of combination of or screen and frame by frame, considering the earthquake direction considered building any i in the 'th floor, Eq. (7.4) ' s with webs of condition related solid bottom and / or in some nodes above Equation Failure of (7.3) may be allowed.

                                                           α i = V is / V i ≥ 0.70                                                      (7.4)

This message is given if αi <0.7 given in Equations 7.4.


Column and curtain dimensions should be increased until αi ≥ 0.7, and / or system stiffness should be increased by adding new columns and walls and the analysis should be repeated.

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