TS500 0.2.5 - Balanced Reinforcement Ratio

Balanced reinforcement ratio is the reinforcement ratio that provides the bearing strength of a reinforced concrete beam under bending by the flow of the tensile reinforcement and the crushing of the concrete in the outermost compression fiber at the same time.

The difference in tensile and compression reinforcement ratios in beams cannot be more than 0.85 times the balanced reinforcement ratio.

ρ - ρ '≤ ρ max = 0.85ρb

When the correlation is not provided, "TS500 Balanced reinforcement ratio control not achieved" is given.

The message is created at the beginning of the report by giving the name of the element and its solid

For example, K10 1st Floor TS500 Balanced reinforcement ratio control is not provided.

Solution :

  • Increase the size of the beam with the name and solid and repeat the analysis.



ρ = Tensile reinforcement ratio in beam, As / bwd

ρ '= Compressive reinforcement ratio in beam, A's / bwd

ρ max = maximum reinforcement ratio in the beam

ρ b = Balanced reinforcement ratio in the beam