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Editing Railing Elevations

The Edit Railing Elevation command edits the elevation of the railing at the nodes of a drawn railing.

Location of Edit Railing Elevations

You can access it under the ribbon menu Home tab, Entities title.

Usage Steps

  • Define a railing.

  • Click the Edit Railing Elevations icon in the ribbon menu .

  • Nodes will appear on the railing.

  • Move the cursor over any node and click the node.

  • A dialog will open in which the elevation value can be entered.

  • Enter the elevation value and click the OK button.

  • The elevation of the operation point will change.

  • Similarly, adjust the elevation of other nodes according to your needs.

Usage step

Before editing railing elevations

Choosing the node point

Entering the elevation value

After editing railing elevations

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