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A3 - Reentrant Corner

A3 - Finding Protrusions in the Plan: The situation in which both the dimensions of the protruding parts in two vertical directions in the floor plans of the building are larger than 20% of the total plan dimensions of that floor in the same directions ( Figure 3.3 ).

TBDY Article - In buildings with A2 and A3 type irregularities, floor slabs will be modeled with two-dimensional plate (membrane) or shell finite elements to show that they can safely transfer earthquake forces between vertical bearing system elements in their own planes (See ).

According to Article - of TBDY , in buildings where there are A2 and A3 type irregularities and / or floors are not intended to operate as a rigid diaphragm , and in slab systems without reinforced concrete beams, floors will be modeled with two-dimensional finite elements.

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