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Geometry Control for Connection Design with AISC 360-16

Hole Size and Applications

  • Maximum hole sizes for bolts are given in Table J3.3 of the steel code.

  • ideCAD automatically uses these values ​​for the design of steel connections and drawings.

Minimum Spacing

  • The distance between the centers of standard, large and slot holes, s, is not less than 22/3 times the nominal diameter, d, of the fastener. According to AISC 360-16, the distance between centers of standard, oversize or slotted holes of 3d is preferred. (s ≥ 3d)

  • This control is done automatically and reported in bolted connections.

Minimum Edge Distance

  • The distance from the standard hole diameter center to the edge of the element, in any direction, cannot exceed the values ​​given in Table J3.4.

  • The distance from the center of the large or slotted hole to the connected part edge cannot be less than that required for a standard hole to an edge of a connected part plus the applicable increment, C2, from Table J3.5.

  • This control is done automatically and reported in bolted connections.

Maximum Bolt Spacing and Distance to Edge

  • The maximum distance of the center of any bolt to the nearest edge cannot exceed 12 times the thickness of the part it connects or 150 mm.

  • This control is not done automatically by the programme. However, in the joints calculated and created in accordance with the plastic design philosophy (for example, single slip plate joints, double and single angle joints, etc.), the edge distance is 2 * d, with the diameter of the bolt d, the distance between the bolts is maximum 8. * d is generated.

Welding Thickness

The effective thickness of partial penetration groove welds

  • The minimum effective throat of a partial-joint-penetration groove weld cannot be less than the thickness of the weld that will ensure the safe transfer of the calculated force nor the size given in Table J2.3. Minimum weld size is determined by the thinner of the two parts joined.

  • This check is done automatically and reported.

Fillet welds effective thickness

  • The minimum size of fillet welds shall be not less than the size required to transmit forces, nor the size as shown in Table J2.4.

  • This check is done automatically and reported.

Note: The points specified in AISC 360-16 J2b.2 for the maximum thickness of the filled welds are not automatically checked.

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