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Polar Array

The polar array command has been developed to clone objects at an angle around a specific center, at an angle, as many times as the number of copies.

Location of the Polar Array Command

The Polar Array command can be run from the toolbar on the left side of the program.

In addition, the Drawings tab is available under the Edit heading.

Polar Array


Increment angle

The angle value determining the distance to be left between the elements to be multiplied is entered.

Copy count

The number of elements to be duplicated is entered.

Axial move

From the clicked point, how far the center will shift is entered. If zero is left, the clicked point is the center.

X axis

It is selected to create a copy center parallel to the X axis.

Y axis

It is selected to create the copy center parallel to the Y axis.

Z axis

It is selected to create the copy center parallel to the Z axis.

Arbitrary axis

Used to determine an axis to be drawn in the image windows as the copy center.

Local to active workplane

It is selected if the definition point of the working plane as the center in the copying process is desired.

Usage Steps

  • Click on the Polar Array line on the left toolbar.

  • Select the object or objects you want to duplicate in the drawing area by clicking with the left mouse button.

  • Click the right mouse button to finish the selection.

  • The Polar Array dialog will appear.

  • After making the necessary adjustments, click the Finish button, then the objects will be duplicated.

Usage step

Running the command and object selection

The column will be reproduced along the circles, around the z-axis (perpendicular to the plane of the paper) axis. Nested circles have been drawn to aid the lecture.

Selection of the replication center and giving parameters

Final view after polar array command

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