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How do I make the beam numbers sequentially starting from the top left on each story?

You can change the beam numbers using the Auto Label Entities command. With automatic labeling, you can label the entire structure at once or only the selected element or element groups.

  • Choose the beams whose numbers you will change.

  • Click the Auto Label Entities icon from the Entity Edit title of the ribbon menu Modify tab.

  • The auto label options dialog will open.

  • While performing auto label entities, if the "Set other stories' labels by assuming this story as base same entities" option is selected on the basis of the story, the elements on the other stories are named in a way that they will be the same with the elements on the story being studied. If not checked, the elements of each story are named according to the situation within their own story.

  • When you click the OK button, the Auto Label Entities dialog will open.

  • Click on the Beams tab. Give it the initial ID. Check the top to down and left to right options to start from the up left.

  • When you click the OK button, your beams will be numbered starting from the top left.

Another option is that you can name them individually on the basis of stories. If you enter the name according to the element you will choose at first and select the elements in order, you will have made a name in that order. You can use the Label Entities command for this operation .

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