Building Story Information

  • The building consists of 14 stories, 2 basement stories and 12 standard stories. The story heights are 3.5 m on all stories except the ground story, while the ground story is 4.5 m. The total height of the building is 43 m above ground level.

Building Geometry

  • The building consists of 8 axes with 8 m span in the X direction and 4 axes with 8 m span in the Y direction.

  • The building is 56 m in total in X direction and 24 m in Y direction.

  • The building geometry is shown in the formwork plan and perspective view below.

  • It is foreseen that the load-bearing system of the building will be composed of high ductility shearwalls and flat slabs. In the middle of the building, two U-shaped shearwall groups were connected with coupling beams and a core shearwall was formed.

Coordinate Information

  • The building is located in Istanbul Mahmutbey district at latitude 41.041305 and longitude 28.8371403.