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Setting Truss Pattern and Count

With the truss pattern type and count settings, truss pattern type and count are set by entering the truss settings before drawing the trusses.

Location of Truss Pattern and Count Settings

You can access the Truss Settings dialog by clicking the Settings icon from the Trusses toolbar that opens when the Truss command is clicked. Truss pattern type and count settings are available on the General tab.

Usage Steps

  • Click the Truss icon in the ribbon menu .

  • The trusses toolbar will open. Here Settings, click the icon.

  • The Truss Settings dialog will be displayed. From here click on the General tab.

  • Select the type of patterns you want to use from the pattern section, determine the count of pattern by entering the count or length.

  • When you exit the dialog by saying OK, your truss will be created according to the pattern you choose and the count of patterns you have determined.

General Tab


Generate by count

The count of patterns for both slopes of the truss can be different. After selecting the option, give the values ​​to determine the count of patterns for the left and right inclination.

Generate by length

The length value is the distance between two patterns. Separate values ​​can be given for both slopes. When create by giving length is checked, the number of patterns of the truss is found based on the truss opening. In addition, the lengths of the left and right starting eyes of the vertex can also be arranged separately. The total length is edited in the Length tab.


The patterns that can be used are listed. The desired pattern is selected by marking it.


Includes a preview of the trusses. The selected type and entered values ​​can be followed simultaneously in the preview.

Patterns and Preview


Example of Number of Patterns and Pattern Length







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