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Layer Management

Layer can be shortly defined as a set of objects. The basis of layer logic is to group objects. Each layer contains certain objects. These objects are part of the project. The project is created when the layers are overlapped. With layer logic, it is easier to manage, control the project and take measures against possible errors.

Each object is located in a separate layer bearing its own name. For example; columns are in column layer, hatches are in hatch layer. These are default layers and are automatically included in all objects as they are drawn. However, objects do not necessarily have to be in default layers.

If desired, new layers are added, the layers they are in are changed, the layer is closed so that it is not visible or it is locked so that it is not affected by the processes.

Some layers have their own sub-layers. Sublayers are located in the Drawing Details tab in the layer settings dialog . Sublayers that are not wanted to be seen are turned off here.

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