Text blocks written on raft foundation cannot be moved with the move command. In order to move raft foundation texts, the Move Raft Foundation Text command has been developed.

Location of Move Raft Foundation Text

You can access the raft foundation toolbar that opens when the raft foundation command is clicked.

Usage Steps

To move a raft foundation text:

  • Click the Raft icon in the ribbon menu .

  • The raft foundation toolbar will be opened. From here click on Move Raft Foundation Text icon.

  • When you click on the move raft foundation text icon, objects other than raft slab will be blurred.

  • When you click on the raft foundation with the left mouse button, the raft foundation text block preview will appear, it will move with your mouse.

  • When you come to the point where you want to place the text and click the left mouse button, raft foundation text will be moved.

Usage step

Fading objects other than raft foundation

Raft foundation text block preview is displayed and moves with mouse movement

Moving raft foundation text