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Excavation Calculation

Excavation calculation is made automatically on the created terrain. Excavation account will be listed when the excavation feature of the existing terrain is activated from the Terrain Settings dialog Excavation section.

Location of the Excavation

You can access the Terrain Settings dialog from the General tab.

Usage Steps

  • Select your terrain and enter its settings.

  • Specify the excavation step of the holes from the excavation step line of the hole section.

  • You can determine the excavation steps of all your holes by pressing the arrow keys.

  • Do the same for other terrain sub-objects.

  • Open the excavation tab and  activate the Excavation feature.

  • As a result of the terrain object and the arrangements you have made, the added and removed soil volumes will be automatically listed in the excavation table.

You can give the desired name to the terrain sub-object related to the excavation section in the hole, plateau and sub-region settings on your terrain. By specifying the excavation steps, you can see the amount of excavation for each sub-object.

Excavation calculation before determining the excavation steps of the terrain sub-objects

Excavation calculation after determining the excavation steps of the terrain sub-objects

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