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Ductility - Reinforced concrete and steel carrier systems are divided into three classes as given in Table 4.1 , which are structural systems with high ductility level , structural systems with ordinary ductility level and intermediate structural systems in  terms of ductility.  

In this step, it is necessary to choose according to the ductility level to be applied.

High ductility, intermediate and ordinary system choices have application limits. The program automatically checks these limits in the wizard within the framework of the items listed below and does not allow ordinary ductility level or intermediate selection when necessary.

The selection is automatically directed according to the conditions regarding the ductility levels of the carrier systems specified in Article 4.3.4 of TBDY 2018 .

  • Structural systems with ordinary ductility level are not allowed to be selected for buildings classified as DTS = 1a, DTS = 2a, DTS = 3a and DTS = 4a .

  • BYS 6, and   DTS and DTS = 1 = in building 2 classified as ductility intermediate delivery systems are not allowed in the selection.  

  • Structural systems, all of which are met by reinforced concrete frames with ordinary ductility level that transfer momentum, are only allowed to be selected in buildings with DTS = 3 and DTS = 4.

  • Structural systems consisting of filled (filler) or unfilled single-direction geared reinforced concrete frames will also be classified as structural systems with ordinary ductility level and are only allowed to be used in buildings with DTS = 3 and DTS = 4. 

  • Filled (hollow) or unfilled unidirectional in the carrier system, consisting of a reinforced concrete frame gear upholstered well as, if they do not comprise pitch, ductility high concrete bond beams (clearance) and / or without screens or ductility high steel eccentric and / or regulated with bracing frames It is allowed to build ductility level intermediate systems.

  • Only the conveyor system comprising Slabs without, earthquakes all the effects in concrete buildings ductility level high bond beam (hollow) and / or without curtains or ductility ordinary spaces will be covered by curtains pursuant to ductility material mix is not allowed to be selected.

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