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Structure Mass for Rigid Diaphragm Modelling

When calculating the Structure Mass; structural geometry, element section sizes and external loads present in the structure are taken into consideration.

In the example below, the Structure Mass Calculation will be made in a project where a rigid diaphragm is accepted.

Structure weight calculation-rigid diaphragm.cde

Self weight of column beams and curtains


Constant (G) Loads transferred from slab to beams and bulkheads


Moving (Q) Loads Transmitted to Beams from Slab


Lift curtain G loading Axial forces


Lift curtain Q Loading Axial Forces


Axial forces of columns loading G


Axial forces of columns loading Q


Floor G and Q loads shown in floor parameters


Floor weights printed on the Floor General Information report


Storey masses used in dynamic analysis


Building weight and free mass of the building printed in earthquake parameters in reports


Build total mass printed in the Vibration Mode qualification check

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