When you create the stair, the program automatically creates the section line in the stair drawing. You can remove the section line by not checked the draw section line at plan feature and draw the stair as a view if you want, or you can change the location and properties of the section line from the section line settings.

Location of Draw Section Line at Plan Feature

You can access the draw section line at plan feature from the construction tab of the stair edit and stair settings dialog.

Location of Section Line Settings

You can access the section line settings from the stair edit dialog areas tab .


Section line

If the box is checked, the section line is drawn on the relevant stair area (flight) according to the entered parameters. If not marked, the section line is not drawn.

Section line diagram

Sections of the section line are shown with schematic drawings and numbering.

Ratio (D/L)

It determines the location of the section line on the stair.

Extension (1)

It determines the distance of the section line to the outside of the stair.

Angle (2)

Determines the slope of the section line.

Distance (3)

Determines the distance between the section lines.

Draw arrow

If the box is checked, an arrow is drawn at the end of the line of origin on the section line.

Examples of Section Line Settings

When draw section line at plan is checked

When draw section line at plan is not checked

When the extension, angle and distance value is 20

When draw arrow is not checked

When the section line is on the first flight of the stair

When the ratio value is 0.2