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With the divide command, 2-dimensional objects (line, circle, arc) are divided into parts. The selected 2-dimensional object is divided by the specified number, taking into account the entered distance values.

Location of the Divide Command

You can access the divide command under the ribbon menu Drawings tab , under the Modify heading.

Divide Parameters Dialog


Divide count

Determines the count of pieces you want the object divided.


This part becomes active as the linear elements are split.
The distance from beginning determines the length of the first segment.
The distance from the end determines the length of the last segment.
The minimum object length determines the smallest object size within the selected objects.

Usage Steps

  • Click the Divide icon in the ribbon menu .

  • Select the object to be divided. Press the right mouse button to finish the selection process.

  • The Divide Parameters dialog will open.

  • Make the relevant adjustments in the dialog and press the OK button.

  • The objects you selected will be divided.

Usage step

Selecting the object to be divided

Adjusting the settings from the partition options dialog

After divide

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