When the positions of the axises are close to each other, the axis circles may overlap and create a mixed plan in the plan. You may want to move the axis circle and text to another position to remedy this situation.

Location of Move Axis Label Command

It is available under the Modify tab.

It is also available in the Axis toolbar that appears after the Axis auxiliary command is run.

Usage Steps

The Move Axis Label command is used to move the axis circle of the axis object.

  • Click the Move Axis Label icon in the ribbon menu .

  • Move closer to the relevant axis and click on the axis circle.

  • Drag the mouse pointer to move the axis circle to the desired position and click the left mouse button again.

Usage step

After clicking the axis icon from the toolbar, select Move Axis Label icon and axis selection from the auxiliary toolbar.

Clicking axis circle and creating new position

When the axis circle move is finished