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Brace Requirements for SCBF per AISC 341-16 with ideCAD

How does ideCAD control Brace Requirements for Special Concentrically Braced Frames according to AISC 341-16?

  • Slenderness ratio of braces are automatically checked and reported by ideCAD Structural.


E = modulus of elasticity of steel, ksi (MPa)
Lc = effective length of brace = KL, in. (mm)
K = effective length factor
r = governing radius of gyration, in. (mm)

Braces must have a slenderness ratio of KL / r ≤ 200. In braced frame systems, this condition must be fulfilled under the cross-section's axial compression or tension force to plasticize the structure to absorb the necessary amount of energy.

The brace’s effective net area must not be less than the brace’s gross area. The required strength of bracing members with respect to the limit state of tensile rupture on the net section is the expected brace strength.

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