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Drawing a Arc Axis

Arc axes are created in the project by specifying the axis center, radius, start and end points with the arc axis command.

Location of Arc Axis Command

In the Architectural Program

You can access it under the ribbon menu, Home tab, Axis heading.

In the Structural Program

You can access it under the ribbon menu, Concrete tab, Axis heading.

Axis Toolbar



When clicked, the shape of the mouse cursor changes and becomes ready for axis drawing.

Arc axis

When clicked, the mouse cursor becomes ready for arc axis drawing.

Arc axis through 3 poins

When clicked, the mouse cursor becomes ready for the 3 Point Arc Axis drawing.

Offset box

A new axis is drawn at a distance equal to the written value (cm).

Axis offset

It is used to produce new axes and axes at a certain distance from an axis. When this icon is clicked, a new axis is drawn from the last drawn or selected axis to the distance (cm) written in the axis offset box.

Change axis draw type

Used to switch between horizontal, vertical and free axis drawing modes. Space key on the keyboard can be used instead of this icon

Move axis label

With the name axis moves its circle from one place to another. It can be used to arrange axis circles that are geometrically close to each other but intertwined.


If clicked, the Axis Settings dialog opens. In the dialog that opens, various properties of the axes to be drawn can be adjusted.

Usage Steps

  • Click the Arc Axis command.

  • Click a point in the drawing area. This point will be the center point of the axis arc you will draw.

  • A circle image will appear in the drawing area.

  • Decide on the radius and starting point of the arc by dragging the mouse.

  • Drag the mouse counterclockwise and click the left button when you hover over the point where the axis will end.

  • Your spring axle will be drawn.

Usage step

Determining the center of the arc axis

Creating a preview and deciding on its radius

Variation of the arc axis projection depending on the mouse movement

Deciding on the end point

Formation of the arc axis

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