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Beam-to-Column Connection Requirements.

9.4.2. Beam-Column Connections - The following three conditions shall be met at the beam-column connections of moderately ductile moment-resisting steel frames.

(a) The connection shall be capable of providing at least 0.02 radian relative story drift angle (relative story displacement/story height). For this purpose, connection details that have been validated by experimental and/or analytical methods will be used. Various examples of bolted and welded connection details and their prequalification limits that have been proven to be valid are given in Annex 9B.

(b) For the computation of the required bending moment strength Muc , the rules given in (b) apply.

(c) The rules given in (c) apply in determining the Vuc shear force to be taken as basis for dimensioning the connection. - In the beam-column connection detail, the required shear strength Vup of the panel zone limited by the column and beam flanges (Figure 9.3) shall be computed by the beam end moment that gives most unfavourable condition under (YDKT) or (GKT) load combinations. - For moment-resisting beam-column connections, the rules given in are valid. - For the dimensioning of the beam-column connection detail, the computation principles given in Annex 9B will be used. - Conditions given in shall be complied in protected zones.

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