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∑Mdev / Mo <0.75 could not be achieved. Solve again with R = 7.

The Complete Message:

The condition ∑Mdev / Mo <0.75 at high ductility level could not be met. Solve again by taking R = 7 (in the X / Y direction). (Table 4.1)

A14. The structural system is defined as the buildings where the effects of the earthquake are met by reinforced concrete frames with high ductility level and reinforced concrete walls with high ductility level bond beam (hollow). According to Table 4.1, R = 8 can be taken.

For buildings with high ductility wall and frame columns, the condition of Article is applied. - high ductility level bond beams (clearance) with or without in-situ or precast center by reinforced concrete walls, eccentric or sprain hindered steel moment resisting frames braced high ductility in buildings is used with the frame at the base of the frame or braced frames tipping consisting of seismic loads The sum of their moments shall not be less than 40% and not more than 75% of the total tipping moment at the base from earthquake loads for the entire building:  

                                                      0.40 M o <∑ M DEV <0.75 M o                                               (4.2)

∑ When M DEV <0.75 M o is not provided, the R and D coefficients defined in Table 4.1 for cases where all earthquake effects are met with walls of high ductility level or braced frames and the maximum permissible BYS are taken into account. The R value corresponding to the top BYS value is 7.

Solution :

In the direction of the error message, enter 7 in the Carrier system behavior coefficient line in the Analysis Settings / TBDY Options tab and repeat the analysis.

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