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  • Sectional damage conditions, limit values ​​and damage of plastic joints automatically defined to the elements are calculated automatically.

  • Damage Area is automatically determined according to the cross-sectional damage situations of plastic hinges .


SH = Limited Damage
KH = Controlled Damage
MM = Pre-
Collapse θ p (KH) = Allowable plastic rotation limit for Controlled Damage performance level [rad]
θ p (DD) = Allowable plastic rotation limit for Preventing Performance level [rad]
θ p (SH) = Permissible plastic rotation limit for Limited Damage performance level [rad]

The damage regions are determined according to the plastic rotation values ​​of the plastic hinges defined for the elements showing ductile behavior , the plastic rotation values ​​calculated with the Assessment and Design According to the Shape Change (ŞGDT) approach and the plastic rotation limit values.

Plastic rotation values ​​of plastic hinges,

  • Elements that do not reach the Limited Damage (SH) limit value are in the Limited Damage Zone

  • Elements that fall between the Limit Damage (SH) and Controlled Damage (KH) limit values ​​are in the Significant Damage Zone

  • Elements that fall between the Controlled Damage (KH) and Pre-Collapse (LO) limit values ​​are in the Advanced Damage Zone

  • Elements exceeding the Pre-Emigration (LO) limit value are in the Immigration Area

they take place. The limit values ​​of plastic hinges are plotted in the moment-plastic rotation graph shown below. The Limited Damage (SH) value is shown at the zero point as seen. In this case, the cross section plastic non-rotation deformations remained within elastic limits. As soon as this value is exceeded, in other words, when the cross-section yield moment reaches M y , the cross-section begins to deform plastic and the moment on it remains constant. When the plastic rotation value reaches the collapse point, it loses its cross-sectional carrier and collapses.


In the graphic below, the damage zones of a sample building drawn according to the section damage zones of the elements are shown.

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