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Defining a Shearwall Group

U, L, T etc. The shearwall group name row in the shearwall settings is used to design shearwalls with types as a single element. Shearwalls to be in the same group are selected, entered in the object settings, and the group name is given a name on the line.


After completing the building modeling, if you want to define a shearwall group:

  • Select the shearwalls to be included in the shearwall group.

  • Press CTRL + B keys. Shearwalls will be selected on all floors.

  • Make the perspective window full screen and make all layers visible.

  • Press CTRL + E key. The shearwall settings dialog will open.

  • Give a name to the group name line.

  • Click the OK button.

After the analysis, shearwall design results can be seen in the Shearwall Core Reinforcements dialog.

Shearwall group rapaors; You can create the Report/Compound Shearwall line in the classic menu , and click the Reports/Concrete/Compound Shearwall icon in the ribbon menu.

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