The ductility levels of the structural systems in perpendicular directions cannot be chosen differently, it must be same. It is controlled automatically.

Different R coefficients can be used in perpendicular directions.

R = Response modification coefficient

12.2.2 Combinations of Framing Systems in Different Directions

Different seismic force-resisting systems are permitted to be used to resist seismic forces along each of the two orthogonal axes of the structure. Where different systems are used, the R, Cd, and Ω0 coefficients apply to each system, including the structural system limitations contained in Table 12.2-1.

Depending on the structural systems selected, it is possible that one of the two systems may limit the extent of the overall system with regard to structural system limitations or structural height, hn.

With the ASCE 7-16 Wizard, the ductility levels of the strucutural systems in perpendicular directions are selected the same. Different seismic force-resisting systems can be used along each of the two orthogonal axes of the structure. As can be seen in the picture below, there are structural system options with special frame systems in Table 12.2-1 on the R coefficient selection screen of a structure with special frame systems.