• Design-based internal forces of buildings without a basement are calculated automatically.


D = Coefficient of Excess Strength

The internal forces based on the design described in this section are the earthquake effects found as a result of mode coupling and earthquake analysis . After the earthquake effects are found, they are combined with other effects in accordance with TBDY Section 4.4.4 and loading combinations are created.

In buildings without a basement, the whole building model and mass model are created in the calculation of the internal forces that correspond to the ductile behavior of the structural system elements . The internal forces obtained as a result of earthquake analysis with mode coupling are the internal forces that are the basis of the design resulting from the effects of earthquakes.

In buildings without basement , the internal forces that correspond to the non-ductile behavior of structural system elements are the internal forces increased by the Excess of Strength Factor D obtained as a result of the earthquake analysis by Mode coupling .