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Secondary Beam Design Settings

Design Tab

The parameters used in the design are intervened in the Design tab. If a mark is placed in the box, the coefficient written in the box is used in the design. If no mark is placed in the box, the programme automatically determines these coefficients and uses them in the design.


Unbraced length ratio (LTB)

The ratio of the length between two elements connected to the element for the respective direction to the entire element length to be used in the lateral torsion buckling calculation is given.

Bending coefficient (Cb)

The moment correction coefficient is calculated according to the Steel Structures Regulation Equation 9.1.

Total deflection

It is the member-based limit value specified in the relevant Steel Structures regulation used in the design. The program does not defıne automatically type of the structural member, such as cantilever beams. The limit value must be changed by the user according to the situations where the beam is used.

  • Control is given in the steel design - secondary beam - details section after analysis and design.

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