Structural system selection, Response modification coefficient R, Deflection amplification factor Cd and Overstrength factor Ωo are controlled by user.

Using the ASCE 7-16 Wizard, the necessary instructions are made by user.

Design coefficients and factors selected by user in the analysis settings wizard and report results are checked automatically.


Cd = Deflection amplification factor
Ωo = Overstrength factor
R = Response modification coefficient

For reinforced concrete and steel structural systems, design coefficients and factors are defined in Table 12.1-2.

Reinforced concrete and steel structural systems are divided into three classes as given in Table 12.1-2 , which are structural systems with special ductility level, intermediate and ordinary .

ASCE 7-16 Wizard facilitates the selection of the design coefficients and factors by making the necessary directions according to the selected ductility level.