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Combined Response Parameters / Enveloping of Force Response Quantities (4.8.1)

  • Among the modal calculation methods, the Mode Combining Method or the Mode Addition Method in the Time History Area is under the control of the user.

  • Earthquake calculation is made automatically according to the selected modal calculation method.

Modal Calculation Methods based on the modal behavior of the carrier system under earthquake effect are the computational Mode Combination Method with reduced earthquake design spectrum and the Calculated Mode Addition Method in the time domain. The Mode Collection Method has been detailed for the first time for implementation with TBDY 2018. Both methods are applied based on the modal magnitudes obtained from the free vibration calculation of the carrier system.

Modal Calculation Methods; It consists of 2 methods: Mode Merging and Mode Addition . Earthquake calculations of all buildings covered in Chapter 4 can be made with Calculation Methods .

Both calculation methods can be selected from the Analysis settings - general tab.

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