Perpendicular reference is used to ensure that the object to be drawn is drawn perpendicular to an existing object or to the direction to be defined.

Location of Parallel Reference Command

You can access the tangent command from the ribbon menu, Drawings tab, Snap.

You can also access it from the Quick Access toolbar.

 Determining Perpendicular Reference by Selecting an Object

  • Perpendicular Reference icon is clicked from the quick acces toolbar in the ribbon menu.

  • The shape of the mouse cursor changes.

  • The cursor is moved to the object to be taken as a reference and left click. The clicked object will be selected and assigned as a reference object.

  • After this step, the objects to be drawn are drawn perpendicular to the direction of the specified reference object.

Object selection process

148.118 drawing the object locked at that angle

Determining a Perpendicular Reference by Giving Direction

  • The Perpendicular Reference icon is clicked.

  • Click the right mouse button without selecting an object.

  • The first point of the direction to be determined as a reference on the drawing area is clicked with the left mouse button.

  • The second point is determined by clicking the left mouse button in the drawing area. After that, the objects to be drawn are drawn perpendicular to the specified reference direction.

  • To exit the perpendicular reference, click the Perpendicular Reference icon again.

Determination of perpendicular reference direction

112,208 while drawing the locked object at that angle

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