With the New Layout Block-Circle command, objects inside a drawn circle are cut and saved in the memory or archive in the working drawing window.

Location of New Layout Block - Circle Command

You can access it under the Ribbon menu drawings tab, Layout Design title.

Usage Steps

  • Click the New Layout Block - Circle icon.

  • Click in the drawing area. The point you click is the center of the circle.

  • Move the mouse. Determine the diameter of the circle and click again.

  • Click any point in the drawing area. The point you click will be the insertion point of the block.

  • The Layout Block Settings dialog will open. In this dialog, give a block name and set the scale.

  • If you want to indicate the perimeter of the block with a line, check the Draw border line.

  • If you leave the Save to library line checked, the block will be saved in the archive.

  • Click the OK button.

Usage step

Determining the center of the circle

Determining the radius of the circle

Determination of insertion point

Layout block creation