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Dimensional Limits for Shearwalls


A c = Gross cross-sectional area of ​​the column or curtain end zone
ΣA g = The sum of the cross-sectional areas of the
structural system elements operating as a curtain parallel to the earthquake direction considered at any floor ΣA p = Total of the plan areas of all floors of the building
E = Earthquake effect
f ctd = Concrete design tensile strength
f ck = characteristic cylinder compressive strength of concrete
G = constant load effect
N dm =The largest of the axial pressure forces calculated under the joint effect of vertical loads and earthquake loads (taking into account the live load reduction coefficients defined for live loads in TS 498)
Q = Live load effect
V t = Total earthquake load acting on the building according to Section 4 (base shear force)

7.6.1. Cross Section Conditions

The following cross-section conditions shall be provided for curtains other than basement curtains. - The net cross-section area of ​​the wall remaining after the gaps are removed, N dm , taking into account the live load reduction coefficients defined in TS 498, the joint effect of vertical loads G and Q and E earthquake effect is calculated under G + Q + E. It will satisfy the condition A c ≥N dm / (0.35f ck ) , being the greatest of axial compression forces . In the calculation of A c and N dm values ​​in bond beam (hollow) walls , the whole section (sum of curtain parts) will be taken into consideration. - Walls are vertical structural system elements whose long edge to thickness ratio is at least six in the plan.

(a) Except for the special cases specified in , the wall thickness in the body area of ​​rectangular and U, L and T curtains shall not be less than 1/16 of the storey height and 250 mm.

(b) The thickness of the rectangular curtain or curtain arm shall not be less than 1/30 of the length of the curtain or the curtain arm that is not kept in the lateral direction in the plan.

(c) If the curtain arm is held at both ends by a curtain in lateral direction, the curtain arm thickness shall not be less than 1/20 of the floor height and 250 mm. - In buildings whose structural system consists of walls, if both the conditions given in Equation (7.14) are met, the wall thickness shall not be less than 1/20 of the height of the highest floor in the building and 200 mm. Also, the condition in will be complied with.

Equation (7.14) shall be applied at the ground floor level in buildings with very rigid reinforced concrete curtains around the basement floors, and at the level of the foundation upper level in other buildings.

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