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Brace Design Results

Steel brace design results and inadequacies of steel braces are displayed in the Braces dialog. The diagonals dialog displays the axial compressive strength ratio, slenderness control, and design ratio.

The Location of Braces Dialogue

After the analysis is done, you can access it by clicking the Brace command under the Steel Design heading in the ribbon menu Analysis and Design tab .




It is the name of the brace members in the plan.


It is the section used in brace members.


It is the material used in brace members.


It is the load combination that produces the most unfavorable axial capacity ratio.


It is the largest axial force calculated using load ratings among the elements forming the brace.


Among the elements forming the brace, the most negative is the safe axial strength.


It is the axial capacity ratio.

Strength check

It is an information box whose sign changes according to the presence or absence of negativity in the brace section.


It is the slender value of brace members.

Limit value

The maximum permitted slenderness of brace members.

Slenderness check

It is an information box whose sign changes according to whether the delicacy limit is exceeded or not.


The cursor moves to the previous line.


The cursor goes to the next line.


It saves the changes made and closes the dialog.


Closes the dialog without saving the changes made.

Summary Information

The summary information about the line where the cursor is located is given in the name of the dialog in story, pose format.

For example, STORY 1, SBR001

Using the Shift key

In this tab, you can select more than one row with the Shift key, enter a value by double-clicking any cell whose value is open to change, and make that value apply to all selected rows.

Using the Ctrl key

Ctrl key selects the lines in between one by one.

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